Is Your Declining Vision Making It Harder To Pluck? 3 Benefits Of Switching To Eyebrow Threading

Over the years, you have always taken pride in having beautifully shaped eyebrows. Yet, the vision changes that come with age have now made it hard to keep up with your former beauty regimen. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between spending hours squinting in front of a mirror and walking around with bushy brows. Instead, you can actually enhance your favorite facial feature by giving brow threading a try.

Get a Smoother Arch

Plucking your eyebrows requires you to take out each hair one by one, which makes it easy to make mistakes. With threading, however, the threader moves the thread across your brows in a line, which makes it easier to get the shape that you desire. If you prefer to remain in control of how your eyebrows are shaped, just let the stylist know so they can make sure that you are satisfied with the final results. You'll also love how much easier it is to have both your eyebrows match when a professional does the work.

Enjoy a Longer Lasting Shape

When you pluck your eyebrows by hand, the hairs typically begin to grow back within one to two weeks. You may also need to pluck again sooner if your vision loss causes you to miss stray hairs. Eyebrow threading pulls the hairs deeper at their roots so that the hairs take longer to grow back. In most cases, you may only need to go for touch-ups every one to two months, and the perfect shape makes it easier for the stylist to help you keep your beautiful arch. 

Be Finished Within Minutes

Your confidence with your appearance is worth investing your time to achieve. However, you no longer need to spend hours out of each month trying to perfect your eyebrows. Brow threading is accomplished within only a few minutes, and you can schedule your threading appointment during a time when it is convenient to pop in for just a few minutes. You will also find that your hair tends to grow in sparser as you continue with the treatments so that they are more comfortable and get done even faster.

When it comes to hair removal methods, it helps to be flexible, since changes in your abilities can alter how easy it is to continue to receive the same results. As you prepare for your very first threading session, keep an open mind and expect to discover a better way to get eyebrows that perfectly frame your beautiful eyes.

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