Fun Gifts For An Offbeat Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party, which is often referred to as a hen night, is a fun opportunity for a bride-to-be to spend some down time with her best friends. While many wedding events may center on both the bride and the groom as a couple, this one is just for the bride. For most bridal parties, it's a celebration of sisterhood and friendship. However, it can go in a lot of directions. Consider these offbeat gifts to liven up the occasion:

Present Outrageous Gifts for the Wedding Night

Sexy gifts for the wedding night are a tradition at many bachelorette parties. The more outrageous the gift, the more of a reaction it will get. That will probably also mean it will get a bigger laugh. Consider giving the bride a strapless dildo or other gift that she may not have seen before. Other sexy gifts may include handcuffs, lingerie, or other dildos. If you give the bride something that seems outrageous, you may want to balance that by also including a more traditional present. You can reach out to companies like Erogenics, Inc. for more fun gift ideas.

Offer the Bride Wearable, Traditional Gifts 

One old tradition states that a bride should wear something old, yet also wear something brand new. Tradition also says the bride should wear something that's the color blue and also carry something borrowed with her. One fun idea for the bachelorette party is to put together a little box that includes all four gifts. Be sure to know what style of dress the bride has chosen and what might match what she already plans to wear. After all, modern art jewelry would be a poor choice for a bride who has chosen an old-fashioned lace gown. 

Provide Unforgettable Experiences 

Another idea for a fun bachelorette party is one that is full of unforgettable experiences. Plan something that the bride has always wanted to do. For example, you might plan something extreme like skydiving, or you may choose to do something like visit a theme park. That's sure to bring out her inner child. If you live near a Disney theme park, they even specifically offer bridal Disney ears that you can have the bride wear to mark the occasion. 

Finally, let the bride lead the way. Be sure to receive her input about how the night should go. A bride who wants to get a little wild can go with a "one last fling" sort of theme, but most bachelorette parties are more about just having fun with friends. Embrace that by giving the bride the kind of bachelorette party her heart desires.

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A bachelorette party, which is often referred to as a hen night, is a fun opportunity for a bride-to-be to spend some down time with her best friends.

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