Tips For Using Vegan Acne Treatment Pads

If you deal with acne, then acne cleaning pads are a good way to keep it under control. You can easily find vegan ones, which is really great since vegan products are better for the planet, for animal rights, and often for your health, too. Once you have these acne pads in your medicine cabinet, what is the best way to go about using them? Learn below.

Use the pads after washing your skin.

Acne treatment pads are not a substitute for face washes. They are meant as a means of applying a medicated solution to your face after you wash. They might pick up a few extra impurities that your face wash missed, but this is not their key function. You should wash your face with a gentle, non-medicated wash prior to using the acne treatment pads. Using a medicated wash in combination with the medicated pads could be overkill and could lead to dry skin and irritation.

Start with the most blemish-prone parts of your face.

When you use the acne pad, treat the most blemish-prone parts of your face before moving on and wiping the other parts of your face. This way, you apply the most concentrated amount of medication to the places that need it most. If the rest of your face does not get quite as much medication, that should be okay; there should still be enough to prevent blemishes.

Don't apply a moisturizer or other product for a few minutes.

You should always use your acne pads before applying moisturizer or any other products. Make sure you wait and let your skin dry for about 5 minutes before applying moisturizer. This gives the medication time to work before you dilute it with moisturizer, and it also ensures your moisturizer gets absorbed a little better.

Store your acne pads carefully.

Make sure you always close the lid on your acne pads very tightly. This helps prevent the medication from evaporating out of the pads. You should also keep the pads in a cool, dry place. For example, you probably don't want to keep them out on the counter. Keeping them inside the cabinet is a lot better because they should stay dry in there.

If you follow the tips above, you should have better luck using your vegan acne pads. This general advice should apply to most pads, but reading the instructions is still advised.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries vegan acne pads.

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